Diving cruises from Phuket & Khao Lak

We can offer you a wide range of Thailand Liveaboards.

From High End, Mid Range and “Money Savers” to a variety of different scuba diving destinations such as Similan Islands, Surin Islands & Richelieu Rock.

Here at Sea Fun Divers Phuket we are here for you, we enjoy sharing our liveaboard diving Phuket experiences, so if you have a large group of divers, or perhaps just need advice for suitability or facilities then please contact us with any questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours 100% guaranteed.

If you have been to Similans already why not go for a liveaboard trip to Myanmar?

Diving Burma has a lot to offer and just a few boats go diving there.

For any further questions or Liveaboard diving package prices please contact us.

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