Customer Reviews Sea Fun Divers Phuket.  Sea Fun Divers has been going in Phuket since 2000.  Over the 16 years we have had many happy customers and return guests.   The process of reviewing businesses on the Internet a relatively new thing form the past three to four years.

Here is what we have in terms of customer reviews based on 1-5 star rating.  We do not force, cheat or otherwise pressure people into giving reviews.  We like honest reviews from real customers.  Reviews taken  from Trip Advisor, Facebook and Google plus pages of  the different Sea Fun Divers Branches.

Facebook   Sea Fun Divers main page:   43 reviews   overall rating 4.9

Facebook   Sea Fun Divers  Kata Thani   23 reviews   over all rating 5.0   (All 5’s)

Facebook Sea Fun Divers Le Meridien  page: 7 reviews    overall rating 5.0  (All 5’s)

Google Plus  Sea Fun Divers  Le Meridien  page 16 reviews   overall rating 5.0  (All 5’s)

Google Plus  Sea Fun Divers Kata Thani page  5  reviews   overall rating 5.0  (All 5’s)

Trip Advisor  Sea Fun Divers Le Meridien Branch page:   overall rating 5.0

Trip Advisor Sea Fun Divers Kata Thani Branch page:  over ratting 4.8

Customer Reviews Sea Fun Divers Phuket when all combined look like this.

5  Stars   403

4 Stars    20

3 stars     3

2 Stars    2

1 Stars     1

The sad thing is the 1 star review was not a review of our company but a liveaboard company. Unfortunately with Trip Advisor they did not switch the review to the other company.

We are generally happy with the above and glad to say we have not had anything less than a 4 star review for the past 2 years.  Also, we have received three years in a row (2014, 2015, 2016)  the Certificate of Excellence award from Trip Advisor.

So next time you are out diving with us or consider diving with us we encourage you to read the reviews and also write reviews on you experience.   We look forward to providing the best service we can do.